About BVSA Shift

  • Accounting & Payroll
    • Compilations of Annual Financial Statements

    • Independent Review of Annual Financial Statements

    • Monthly Accounting on Xero

    • SARS VAT201 returns and related audits

    • Monthly payroll and pay slips

    • UI-19 submission to department of labour

    • Monthly EMP201 return submissions to SARS

    • Annual compensation fund returns

    • Xero Platinum Partner Champion

  • Fiduciary services
    • Setting up of trusts

    • Acting as trustee

    • Changes to deeds of trust or trustees

    • Estate planning

    • Wills

    • Estate administration

  • Consulting services
    • Financial and Retirement planning

    • Cash-flow forecasts

    • Valuations

    • Due diligence on acquisitions

  • Secretarial and CIPC
    • Registration of a new company with CIPC

    • Administrative and secretarial support services at CIPC

    • Maintenance of share registers and safekeeping of records

  • Cloud based solutions
    • Xero

    • Syft Analytics

    • SimplePay

    • Hubdoc

    We are an experienced Xero Advisor
  • Taxation
    • Tax planning and optimization

    • Registration for all tax types

    • Income tax and provisional tax returns

    • SARS tax audits and enquiries

    • Dividend tax returns

    • Advanced tax assistance and group restructuring

    • All round tax compliance

  • Virtual CFO
    • Monthly management reporting and analysis

    • Benchmarking with industry peers

    • Cashflow forecasting and valuations

    • Assistance with company strategy and growth

  • Assurance services

    BVSA is in proud association with LG Edwards incorporated. LGE delivers high quality audit and related services to their clients. For any audit related questions please feel free to contact LGE for assistance.

Service, support & skills

BVSA Shift forms part of the BVSA Accounting Group with branches over the country and have been supporting small and medium businesses since 1998, offering a wide range of tailormade accounting, financial and other services.

About BVSA Group
Xero,hubdoc,syft analytics,simplepay

XERO SA Emerging Firm of 2018

BVSA was the 2018 winner of the emerging firm of the year in South Africa at Xerocon in London.

Our firm approached its transition to Xero with focus and commitment ensuring that we stay at the forefront of technology and delivering great service to our clients!

Xero has become a game changer when it comes to online accounting software and BVSA is proud to now also be a Xero Platinum Partner.

BVSA Managing Director Louis Fourie with Steve Vamos, CEO at Xero and Gary Turner, Managing Director, UK at Xerocon London 2018 awards ceremony:

Xero,hubdoc,syft analytics,simplepay